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Monthly Archives: July 2009

Whats been happening lately

It's been a busy few weeks with little time for this blog, so I have put together a catch up post of some recent news:

The Wellington Community SharePoint Conference
The inaugral conference went off without a hitch at the start of the month. I enjoyed presenting and meeting a number of SharePoint enthusiasts. The speakers slide decks have been posted up on the NZ SharePoint user group website.

SharePoint 2010
The first snippets of the next version of SharePoint have been released. I highly recommend watching the sneak peak videos - they are real eye openers! Also check out the developer documentation for some SDK info.

June cumulative update
Another update for SharePoint and WSS was released, check out the team blog for more info (yup, this is just filler).

Trinkit moved to auckland
Kate and I have moved shop to Auckland. 7 years of howling gales finally got to me and we have moved north in search of greener pastures. At this stage I'm pretty booked up for the next 6 months but Kate has a little bit of capacity if you know of anyone needing specialist SharePoint IA, design and integration skills.

Recent Improvements to STSADM backup

Recently there have been a few key improvements to the STSADM backup command which I have found to make life a lot easier (and safer!).

After installing Service Pack 2 and running the backup command you will notice a few subtle, but important changes:

Previously it was a best practice to set the site being backed up to read only using the setsitelock command. This is something that I am guessing 95% of people never did. And who can blame them as it wasn't made terribly obvious. Fortunately the backup command now automatically sets this and lazy admins can have peace of mind.

The April CU also provided an important update to how backup and restore works, particularly with publishing sites. In SharePoint, the actual page layout aspx files are stored with some hardcoded metadata which includes the url of the site they belong to. Previously when performing a backup & restore to different farms with different URLs this could cause issues. Import/Export does not have this problem as the page layouts are recreated in the target site. The backup command has now been updated to fix this issue and this method of migrating content between farms is now supported. Note that the  June CU is now available and supersedes the April CU.

So why would you want to use backup/restore over import/export to migrate content anyway?

If you commonly use the SPSiteDataQuery class, ContentQuery webpart or the DataView webpart you rely on GUID references to lists for query commands. By default, import/export assigns new GUIDS to any lists that are migrated which will upset the queries that rely on them. Using backup/restore was an easy way to avoid this issue.

Of course it was fairly easy to write some import code using the object model and retain the GUID values. And if you still want to use import/export that is the way to go.